A Purple Love: Lavender

Lavender, which is used as a support for a peaceful sleep, a pleasant perfume, and a precaution against moths and insects with the pouches placed between the clothes and under the pillows, fortunately now finds use in the cosmetics, perfumery, tourism and even food industry.

So what is this lavender?

Lavender is an essential oil plant belonging to the Lamiacea family. It has as many as 39 different species are found in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean. The most commonly grown species are Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula intermedia (Lavandin- a hybrid of Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia). It can be planted during the end of March and April in Mediterranean climate conditions. Since it is a perennial plant, it continues to flower in the following years. Harvest time varies between mid-July and early August, depending on climate.

Lavender Honey is produced by placing hives inside the cultivation areas.

Like the aromatic structures of lavender species, their flower appearance also differs. Lavandula intermedia; Although it has a floral scent, it can also be called spicy and carries traces of camphor at a remarkable rate. Lavandula angustifolia has sweeter, floral or even grassy notes.

Lavender is a passion for those who can’t get enough of the visual feast of the fields it adorns with its unique purple-blue tones, who care about its flavor, who prefer it for its scent, and who take the lead with its active ingredients.

Where is it used?

Harvested lavenders are used as cut flowers or dried flowers, as well as creating economic value in essential oil production. Lavender Essential Oil is a product with high economic value obtained by steam distillation from lavender species. It can be one of the components used in the design of scented essences and it can be valuable.

Did you know?

All lavender flower species are edible. However, there are differences in flavor between the types. Angustifolia species is preferred as a tea, dessert decorations and sauces with its less medicinal flavor.

Now let’s ask and answer again: What is this lavender?

A Purple love…

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