We are a leading fragrance and flavor manufacturer since 1996.

Combining the innovative attitude with our values, know how and back ground, we are proud of being experienced but never expired.



Opportunity Equality

We support equal opportunities in recruitment, remuneration, training and promotion processes, as well as in social life. We are aware of the positive contribution of different cultures and personality structures to our innovative understanding and diversity, and we prefer this diversity.


Pioneering, Creative and Genuine …

Authenticity is a result, not a goal for us. It is the result of working with high motivation and pleasure in order to be a pioneer in innovation.


We continue our work with our team that has adopted an innovative perspective not only in our designs but also in all business models, with the motivation of leading the change rather than keeping up with change.


4Sharing and Predictability

We share our knowledge, skills, experience and interest in order to realize our common goals together as a team, and we are on the way to success together with cooperation. Our solution partners always know what to expect from us. The stability and consistency that this attitude brings to us reveals the TRUST we carry in our DNA…

“You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible”

Anton Chekhov

5Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action that includes the goals set by the United Nations to be achieved by the end of 2030.

It focuses on the solution of social, cultural and ecological issues consisting of 17 main topics such as: ending hunger and poverty all over the world, combating climate change, ensuring gender equality, promoting the quality of education, responsible production and consumption.

As Froma F&F, our commitment to sustainable development; We aim, implement and develop within the framework of a balanced social, environmental and economic development.


While meeting the needs of our generation, we aim for sustainable development without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We design every day to make the world better than the day before with the participation of our employees and business partners.


Let’s design our world and our future together with the steps we will take with the goal of a livable world for everyone. Because our future is shaped by the future of the world we live in.

For a sustainable development:


We aim to achieve the best by using complex tools (both software and hardware), number-based methodologies and systems, as well as complex disciplines that require long training.

Production & Quality

-7 Business Days Production:Enjoy the comfort of knowing your fragrances will be produced with a max of 7 business days avarage.-Automation:In addition to our qualified human resources, our fragrance automation is also in charge.-Full Traceability:Our data storage is so precise that you can trace every single drop you buy from us. -Regulatory Compliance:Our team is always updated on new regulations. All technical documents are automatically issued and forwarded by our system.

Technical Perfumery

-In-House Perfumers: Artistic Noses On Board!-Fast GCMS Matching:We analyse, compare, revive your target with GCMS as well as SPME methods.-Stability Tests:All of our fragrances are subjected to stability tests within our in-house laboratory.-Application Laboratory:Sorry for discarding all your excuses. The products that we offer, have already been applied and tested before sending your side.

Personalized Services

-Productive Project Management:We respect your time and efforts and cooperate as a member of your team with open communication for more productive results.-International Team:Our international team can assist you in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Indonesian, Spanish and Turkish. Still need some time for Elvish:)-Geo-Culture of Scents:By the experience in more than 60 countries we are one step ahead to understand your needs suitable for your market. -Marketing Support:Inspire from the featured details of our creations that will support your marketing team. Win-Win.

Certificates & Memberships